Mr. Jun Kawashima


[Personal History]

Mr. Jun Kawashima graduated from Tokyo University of Science in Physics and Chemistry in 1949 and attended a course of chemical engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1953-1954.

He worked as@the Patent Examiner in the sections of Agriculture, Inorganic materials and Organic materials in the Patent Office (JPO) in 1950-1963, besides he activated to study gmechanization of retrieval for patent informationh in the Research and Development division of JPO.

In 1963, he established the specialized company for patent documentation, later Patent Data Center Co., Ltd.

In 1971, he moved to Japan Patent Information Center (JAPATIC), he activated to develop the Patent Information Retrieval On-line System gPATOLISh and promote the public services of PATOLIS.

He participated in many international conferences and seminars during JAPATIC (JAPIO in after).

* In 1973, he attended Japan-USA seminar regarding the thesaurus in Hawaii and announced gthe key-ward system in JAPATICh.

* In 1975, he visited INPADOC in Vienna and did the negotiation of the business accord of JAPATIC and INPADOC.

* In April 1979, he visited Beijing and Shanghai as the member of the JPO delegation visiting China (the leader Kumagaya JPO commissioner) and cooperated with the patent system establishment in China.

* In May 1979, he attended gMain Patent Information Service Organization Meetingh sponsored by WIPO in London as the JAPATIC representative.

* In 1982, he attended the FID (Federation International de Documentation) 41st Hong Kong Council Meeting and announced gFree Key-word Searching System for Patent Information in JAPATICh.

* In 1990, he attended as the instructor into gWIPO Regional Workshop on Patent Information and Documentation Servicesh sponsored by WIPO and JPO in Bangkok and introduced gPatent Information Retrieval System, PATOLIS, in JAPIOh.


[Patent Attorney]

He registered as a member of the Japan Patent Attorney Association in 1970.

Patent Attorney Registered Number: kawasima


He jointed to TOWA International Patent Firm in 1990 as the Visiting attorney in 1990.

He established Hayabusa International Patent Office in 1999.

He registered as a member of APAA (Asian Patent Attorney Association) in 1990.


[Favorite fields]

*Patent & Utility model: Foodstuffs, Chemistry, Machinery and business models.

*Industrial design




[E-mail Address]

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